I took the 4 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh on the only decent road in Cambodia. When you see Sihanoukville it will give you an idea of what Thailand was like 30 years ago. The beaches are gorgeous and are virtually empty of people. Otres beach in particular is almost perfect and when I went there were only two other people on the beach. I stayed at Ochheuted beach which has a decent selection of beach bars and restaurants and has a few bars that stay open almost all night. If you are looking for a beach holiday but are fed up with the crowded beaches of Thailand then this place is for you. I decided to take the boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong to return to Thailand. A couple of things you may need to know as the travel guides as usual are completely out of date. Koh Kong border crossing is now open to 8pm and not 5pm as stated in all the guides, also you can get a Cambodian visa at Koh Kong for 1000 baht but if you fancy arguing you can get it for $20 which is cheaper.

The 4 hour boat ride to Koh Kong is a nice one even though inside in the air conditioned boat it is a bit overcrowded but I opted to sit on the roof for the journey. One word of warning is be prepared to be manhandled by moto and taxi drivers as you disembark from the boat at Koh Kong.


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