Siem Reap

My first day in Cambodia and I started off going to the Khmer floating village of Chong Khneas on the huge Tonle Sap lake. The cost was $15 but if you plan to go to Battambang by boat you go through the same village at the same cost. The easiest way to get round is to hire a moto for $7 a day or a tuk-tuk for $10 a day as the roads are horrendous and these guys can navigate then brilliantly. My next visit was to the recently opened War Museum which costs $2. It's interesting to see the wide variety of hardware supplied by various countries in the world so that the poor Cambodians could kill each other on a massive scale. Next was on to a small killing fields memorial stupa for the victims of Pol Pot's regime of 1975 - 1979. The regime managed to murder 2 million people in 4 years until the Vietnamese invaded and drove the Khmer Rouge back out of power and into the jungle. Interestingly the U.S., Thailand and China then started to supply the Khmer Rouge with weapons and money to fight the Vietnamese. It makes a mockery of international justice when the above mentioned countries try to put back in power a regime that committed genocide against its own people. I then went off to the Landmine Museum and all I will say is please go to the website and donate $10 or something as this guy provides a home for poor child landmine victims and pays for their education and he does this with absolutely no government funding or help. If you don't want to - bear in mind it is our governments that have sold or supplied them to various factions that have made Cambodia still the most heavily land mined country in the world. Mines still continue to kill and maim hundreds of people a year in Cambodia each year so please help.

Landmine Museum

I stayed in 2 places, the first being Mom's Guesthouse which ranges from $10 - $20 a night and is a new building and the rooms are average in size - very clean and tidy and secure. If you however want that backpacker experience try the Mahogany which is 2 doors down and is $5 - $10 a room. Ask any moto driver where they are.
Places to eat: I would recommend the Soup Dragon with enormous servings of Vietnamese, Khmer and European food. The Red Piano is also good and the Temple Bar serves excellent pizza. The Red Piano also serves great bacon butties.
Places to go out: I would recommend the Laundry Bar which has decent music and your first drink is free between 8pm - 10pm. The temple bar also has decent music and Zanzibar stays open until about 3 am. If you are missing Thai food try chiang Mai opposite Mahogany's but give Chivit 2 doors down a miss as it's crap. The only other thing I would recommend is don't buy anything other than postcards in Siem Reap as everything else you can get for at least half the price in central market in Phnom Penh.


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