Phnom Penh

I left Battambang for the six hour bumpy bus ride to Phnom Penh with the bus driver hitting the horn every 10 seconds as he bombed his way down the (some of the way) tarmac highway - don't believe anyone who says its tarmac all the way, it is for the first 50 Km and they are working on it. First impressions of Phnom Penh are that it is a sprawling shit hole but after going to the gun range I felt much better. The choice of weapons would impress almost anyone. As you will see from the pictures there is something for everyone and here are a few prices as of February 2004.

AK47 - 30 rounds $20
M16 - 30 rounds $30
K57 - 150 rounds $100 (This is the big machine gun I am firing in the pictures)
Colt 45 - 10 Rounds $12
Makarov 9mm - 10 rounds $10
B40 Grenade Launcher - $100

Personally I liked the AK47 because even on full auto you could hit the target 70% of the time. The K57 was by far the most expensive and the most fun but very hard to hit anything accurately unless you fired short bursts. Also a chicken is $15 and a goat is $80 is you feel the need to draw blood. Other than that I spent most of the time walking around taking pictures of the architecture. I did go to Happy Herb Pizza and the pizza was extremely good. I also went to the Choeung Ek memorial which is the largest killing field in Cambodia where the Khmer Rouge murdered 20,000 people. There is a Buddhist memorial stupa where there are 8,500 skulls and the remaining bones and clothes of the victims arranged by sex and age. There are 83 excavated mass graves and 45 that have been left untouched. As for somewhere to stay we chose the Singapore hotel which is about 200 metres from the central market and was $5 for a fan room with its own bath which was clean and secure. My lasting memory of Phnom Penh is it is the only place on the planet where you can get a beer and a machine gun at the same place and time.

Me happy with the M16 after letting off most of the magazine on Automatic.

Picture of street life in Phnom Penh.

Wat Sarawak behind the FCC.

Happy Herb Pizza where you can have your pizza happy or very happy… they Put Ganja in if you request it.
Foreign Correspondents club and a great place to view life from and the food is good but a little expensive.

French colonial architecture.

Central Market and the cheapest place to buy or those souvenirs you want to buy and also at least half the price of Siem Reap.
Choeung Ek memorial and the place where The Khmer Rouge murdered 20,000 people. It's very eerie being somewhere where evil was committed on a mass scale.


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