The next day we got up early and took the 5 hour bus journey to Pakse. We stayed at the very friendly Sabidy 2 guest house where the owner Mr. Vong speaks English, French and Polish. We spent the first night drinking beer Lao and rapping with a bunch of 8-11 year olds. On the second day we drank lots of beer and decided to watch the sunset over the Mekong river and proceeded to get drunk on beer Lao and Lao Lao, the local rice whiskey. When we decided to leave we got a lift back to the guest house and the driver refused to take payment but settled for a hug from all of us - my growing love affair with this country deepens. When I return I intend to go trekking on the Bolovens Plateau and do it from Pakse.

Sunset over the Mekong River.


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