Koh Yao Noi

We went to see J's cousin and where her father is from. We left from Bang Rong pier which is about 8 Km from Phuket town. The trip is about an hour's boat ride in a 30 - 40 ft long tail boat which I highly recommend. If you have small children don't go if its windy unless you like projectile vomit, I chose to sit on the bow an thus avoided this on our return trip. Koh Yao Noi is not to be confused with its larger brother Koh Yao. We arrived after a lovely trip passing Phang Nga bay which is beautiful and the pics I got don't do it justice so I will get some more on another trip.

When we arrived we were approached by Boose (sorry I spelt it wrong probably) who knows J's family and is a local policeman in uniform and he invites us to stay at his house above the bungalows pictured here. All I can say is it's a breathtaking view. Boose is married to a Japanese woman, he also speaks good English and is very knowledgeable about the local area and has a boat and rents out 3 bungalows. He can rent you a motorbike which is essential to explore and it is not mad like other places in Thailand. If you are looking for somewhere quiet with less than 50 tourists then this place is for you, it's beautiful and the sunrise from Boose's place is breathtaking. Hurry up though as a Swiss company is opening up a 150 bungalow resort soon. Apparently Koh Yao was Buddhist until 200 hundred years ago and then converted to Islam. I have not found out why yet but don't let this put you off as the nicest and friendliest people I have met here in Thailand are Muslim. Koh Yao is great and if you fancy something different pay it a visit.

If you need somewhere to stay e-mail Boose. If you like, e-mail me with when you want to come and I will check for you but only do this if you are serious.

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