Koh Lanta

My trip to Koh Lanta was relaxing and I definitely plan to go back there. We decided to drive there and took the first ferry to Koh Lanta Noi and then a 5 minute drive to the next ferry to Koh Lanta Yai. All in all it takes about 45 minutes or 4 hours drive from Phuket. The roads are terrible but will be totally repaved within 2 years - unfortunately this will probably ruin Koh Lanta but you can't stand in the way of progress. Saladan is the main town if you can call it that but is very charming and laid back and there are lots of good restaurants protruding over the crystal clear water and lots of small fish shoals to watch as you eat.

We stayed at the Dream Team resort which cost us, for 2 air con rooms, 2000 baht a night but there are plenty of lower budget places to stay. There are still lots of back packers on the island which means Koh Lanta has a remarkably good night life with lots of music bars and parties all the time. We went to Mai Kaeo cave which was well worth it but it does entail hiking for half an hour and crawl around the cave for about an hour but it is very spectacular. On the second day we took a 4 island tour which I would recommend as you go to Koh Mook and the hidden Morakot cave - you swim into the tunnel to get to and it's just like that scene from the beach but smaller. You also visit Koh Karadan, Koh Ngai and Sea Horse Island where you snorkel with hundreds of colourful tropical fish. We also went to visit some Sea Gypsies that I have got to know - they are really cool people and they do camping for people who want to stay with them - next year they will have some bungalows to rent too. The beaches are great where ever you are staying but other than Klong Nin they are otherwise pretty messy and could do with a clean up but like I say if you are at a resort you will not have to worry about this. Here are some useful links about Koh Lanta.


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