This is Khao Lak an hour and a half from Phuket and where I stayed for a weekend last March. 6,000 were killed here - nearly half where tourists from Scandinavia and Western Europe. The big boat is a fairly large police patrol boat at about 200 tons, it is now situated 1 Km inland from the beach.

This is Koh Chum off the coast of Ranong province and is where Red and Dave and friends also went and bought supplies and loaded them on a boat and took them to the island. The armed fellow is the local policeman but as you can see the coastal communities have been devastated by the tsunami and many are not getting the help they should be getting because the Thai prime minister doesn't want farang's to say they have helped Thailand rebuild.

This is Patong the main tourist resort in Phuket which although severely damaged did not have as high a death toll as Khao Lak which was in excess of 6,000. Patong beach is already cleaned up and dive companies are helping in the underwater clean up offshore. Phuket more than anything needs tourists to come back and it will be on its feet in no time. It's really cheap to come to Phuket at the moment.

This is Ranong Province North of Phuket which Borders Burma. Some friends of mine, Red and others, went up to distribute food and clothes and toys for the kids. The official government statistics say that 127 dead in Ranong but the village you see here had 80 dead and the Thai's aren't even counting the Burmese dead and missing.


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