Chaing Mai

Chaing Mai is a beautiful city, so unlike Bangkok and cheap as hell.  I am staying in the Golden Fern Guesthouse and it is cheap, clean and best of all in the old city so it's easy to get to the temples.  It's run by a young English couple who are really good people even if they are Chelsea fans.
The 'Night Bizzare' is worth a visit every night from 8pm onwards but always haggle because the first price they give you is usually at least double - just go to walk away and watch the price come down.  If you have been trekking take my word for it and spend 180 baht and have an hour's foot massage.  Hire a bike and have a look around - it's easy to orientate yourself as the city is not huge and their drivers are not as mad as Bangkok or Koh Samui but they are still mad.  I had dinner by the river at the Riverside CafĂ© which was very relaxing.  The nights are cool here and the days are hot but not humid.

One of the many Buddhas in the many temples in the city.

Chiang Dao is about 70 Km from chiang Mai and has the most amazing caves in this huge mountain - well worth the visit.  It is also a Buddhist temple.

This is an amazing temple perched on a mountain overlooking Chiang Mai and has the most amazing gold spirals and gold Buddhas.

Doinanthon – national park and tallest mountain.  Worth a ride up to as it's very scenic.

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