The Temples of Angkor

Angkor Bayon

Angkor Banteay Srei

The temples of Angkor are truly amazing and if you ever get the chance you should visit them. What you have to remember is that Angkor Wat is only one temple, immense as it is and the best time to visit is either sunrise or in the mid afternoon. My personal favourite is Bayon in Angkor Thom which has several temples in a walled area 3 times the size of Angkor Wat and also has impressive gates. The cost to see Angkor $20 for 1 day ticket, $40 for 3 days and $60 for a week and you also need a passport photo but you can get a free one at the gates and the temples are worth more than one visit. Unfortunately very little of the money you pay goes to the preservation of the temples but goes to a Vietnamese company which in turn fills the pockets of corrupt Cambodian politicians. Most pictures you see in books of Angkor are pre Khmer Rouge days as they did there best to plunder and destroy anything of worth and as you will find out there are very few complete statues. The one thing I did dislike was that where ever you go in Siem Reap you are swamped with people shouting 'Please Sir' or 'Excuse Me Sir' as they try to sell you there overpriced wares. Everyone seems to speak English but no-one understands no.


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